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Spring came and went.  What a busy summer!  I went to visit my sister in Minnesota.  Saw my new grand-nephew and 3 year old grand-nephew.  While I was gone the dog tore her knee cartilage/ligaments.  Operated on her after I returned.  July Jean-Paul broke his foot.  Got lots of use out of our new cell phone as Luke made daily calls home from Canada to see how Jean's surgery was going.  On his way back home from Canada vacation, Luke traded vehicles with Jean so Jean could have an automatic to drive.  Luke brought Jean's truck here, parked it for several days, then the night before we were going to take it back to Coeur d'Alene Luke drove it in to town and some guy throws his truck into reverse and backs into Luke.  I won't bore you with details, but it didn't have a smooth ending (the guy is heavy into denial).

In the mean time while Jean is in recovery at the hospital Zip went charging through the house, out the dog door, and blew her other knee (two weeks after her first operation).  Back to the vet on Monday and emergency surgery on the other leg.  While we were reeling from the above we drove down to our local Subaru dealer, and now Jean and Rachel have the Legacy, and Paul and I are driving a new Outback (love the winter package).

In Sept. we thought it was going to be smooth sailing until our water ceased running.  Labor Day weekend and we are camping out in our house.  Wednesday we got a plumber out here with a HEAVY DUTY truck to pull up all the pipe and the pump in the well.  We replaced all 485 feet of galvanized pipe  with CVC pipe, put the well back together again, and then the guy tests the pump and tells us there has been extra stress on the pump because the pressure tank bladder is busted.  Do we want to pull the new pipe out of the well to replace the pump?   In two words: "Not NOW!"  Well, no problem because the pressure tank has to be replaced, and better add an iron filter while you're at it.  

Another day off work.  The plumber comes out to the house to put in the new pressure tank and drop off the 6 ft. iron filter.  He makes the swap with the pressure tank, but we have a slight problem - the door opening to the laundry room is now only 20 inches wide because of the propane heater/hot water system we had installed.  The tank is 30 inches wide.  Oops!  The window isn't wide enough, and the tank is full of water so its too heavy to lift up and over the pipes of the heater.  OK.  We pay off the plumber, and ask him to stop smiling so much.  He leaves.  Paul brings in the chain saw and is ready to make a new door way in the wall.  I lovingly convince him that it would be less conspicuous if he cuts a large hole in the back of the closet on the other side of the laundry room.  He agrees.  The laundry room is now light and airy.  How Paul maneuvered that tank through that hole and outside to the back porch I don't know!  Next spring we're going to get a large dumpster to we can dispose of ALL our excess stuff gathered on the back porch.

Went on a fabulous overnight ride to Quinn Hot Springs, MT.  Saturday was chilly, but the pool was dreamy.  Arrived to find the boys had failed to put the cap on the air mattress so our fellow riders enjoyed pointing out the fact that the mattress can't hold air without a cap.  By two in the morning I didn't care, at least I was warm.  Woke to rain Sunday morning.  Great time to test out the rain gear.  It works.  The Harley did great.  Glad we didn't see snow on Lolo pass coming home.  Felt like the kid in the Campbell's soup commercial all bundled up to go outside - only I was outside.  I was the only one to get home with reasonably dry feet so I know my boots work.

Paul and I went on the Hogs for Dogs ride by ourselves and had a lot of fun.  Nothing broke down, and the weather was perfect.

October is almost over.  Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas,.  That's all for now.  Love, from this member of the Dupin family.

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