Family pictures 2001

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Sturgis 2001
Family Album
Jean-Paul at play
Jean-Paul's coral reef
Luke at play
Luke's resume
Quinn's Hot Springs 2002
Yellowstone family reunion2003
Grace's 100th Birthday
Fallon, NV Naval air base

Bethany's vocal recital
Kim on flute and vocal
teacher on piano

Grandma Christmas

Rachel, D'andre,
Saydee, and Luke

Paul & D'andre -
bed time

Luke & D'andre

Saydee Christmas

New stone tile
in the bathroom

Brian visit
Spring 2001

Easter egg hunt
in the back yard


Dogs getting summer cut

Monie and Kim
in front of Grizzly cage
at WSU

Saydee in soccer

Family:Paul, Jean-Paul,
Rachel, D'andre, Saydee

Stop at Avery en route to
Quins Hot Spring, MT

Luke's first overnight ride on
Harley; Kim in background

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