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Luke Dupin Resume

Luke Dupin Resume in pdf     
Bend startup - Carbon Credits    
First Record Carbon, LLC    
Luke Dupin, Chief Technology Officer: A software engineer specializing in data acquisition and aggregation architecture, Mr. Dupin's extensive experience includes designing and building enterprise level data acquisition and management systems. The only US based solar inverter manufacturer, PV Powered, Inc., retained Mr. Dupin to design and construct its data monitoring package including specifying hardware, writing firmware, and completing its web enabled database frontend www.mypvpowered.com. Presently the “Dupin designed” hardware/software architecture successfully serves over 1,000 in-field units. As an avid hobby enthusiast application developer, Mr. Dupin designed and built a complete software package for the high expectations.com rocketry team which competed in the 2009 Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander X-Prize. Mr. Dupin holds a bachelors degree in Computer Science from the University of Idaho.    
High Expectations Rocketry    
The third member of the team, Luke Dupin, has extensive experience in database management, computer software, programming, remote monitoring and control over the Internet, as well as computer code development for numerically intensive applications.    
Amplicon Express Online Clone Screening (Written by: Luke Dupin)    
Custom preset allow the user to setup any experiment possible by the system. Please select your Database and Screening Pool for your reaction.